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SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Nuclear Family, Childbirth, Sex Selection

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Ivanka Knezevic

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Governments generally encourage hetrosexual marriage and childbearing because they procivde
citizens, taxpayers, voters, consumers, and workers.
Census family: heterosexual or homo sexual coulpe with or without biological or adopted
children, or a sole parent with children
Nuclear and extended family
Baker: a modified extended family does not share dwelling, but shares resources.
Stark. 1974. All our kin: aid to families with dependent children makes presence of me, in
conditions of unstable employment, irrational. Family is based on a network of female relatives
who shares resources
Traditional Nuclear family
The traditional nuclear family is composed of
- A father provider
- A mother home maker
- At least one natural of adopted child
Parsons: economically efficient, because the man is normally the higest wage earner. It would
be economically irrational of him to spend potential working time on unpaid house hold and
child care
Other types of families
Foraging societies: children belong to a tribe/clan ( not to individual parents); collective
responsibility for children.
Married without children
Common law couples
Same sex marriages
Lone parent families
Astronaut/transnational families (e.g. Hong Kong and Vancouver)
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