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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 Lecture 4 January, 31 , 2013  Midterm th - feb 15 , 3-5pm In gym - lectures and readings from lectures 1-6 - 120 multiple chice - topic: bureaucracy and rationalization (brym chapter 6)  traditional societies - don’t have bur - small scale (based on traditional authority not rational legal authority) >personal loyalty - rule of thumb >if it works.. (quote) “better than it looks on paper” by mark Edwards >plus are adaptable >agricultural  need for organization -forcing variable >group size *tables in brym *groups and relationships, 5 people 15 relationships etc *primary and secondary groups  need for large scale organization - pursue specific goals >services and infrastructure *health *transportation *sewage - systems at breaking point >no reserve capacity *there is limit of resources (example, SARS outbreak in Toronto, hospitals were at breaking point)  rationalization - purposive-rational control measure of nature and society - seek most efficient methods >use rational circulation >constant improvement >seek best “technique” *”the check list manifesto” much less likely to fail if they go down checklist, make sure everything is working example) body builder title holder in 1950 vs body builder now demonstrate rationalization at its extreme  bureaucracy - division of labour - hierarchy of authority - rules and regulation - qualification-based employment - impersonality  mcdonaldization of society (George ritzer) - efficient, calculable, predicatble >automated >no surprises >fast track - have mcdoctors and mcclinics in USA >done to get you through, get as many people *universities are kinda like that too  ambivalence to bureaucracy - red tape - ritualism >drivers license in Ukraine, lungs x-rayed, urine test, certificate from addiction clinic, psychiatrist certificate, heart check up, blood pressure, neurologist test knee, or skip it all for 150 dollars * Russian car crashing  unintended effects - “iron cage”= cage of rationalization - alienation - “chicken shit” >when you create maximum anxiety about stupid shit example) in military because they want discipline, bed has to be drawn so tightly if they drop coin, itll bounce. Shaving kits have to be perfectly clean, hairless, have two kits.  Departures from efficiency - goal displacement >SOPS= standard operating procedures, often violate bureaucratic rules example) nurses do checklist of patients, nurse cant do all those things for time period allotted, look at the patient and if everything looks okay they’ll tick it off. If there looks like a problem, then theyll do actual checkup. Example) bureaucrats in washington giving advice in urugay for how to build crops on hill, never been there, cant do that based on set of generalized rules *satisfying solutions don’t seek best solution, just one that works or passes usually send out memos so blame wont fall to yourself example) us military, tasked at end of cold war to stop drug trade, didn’t wanna do it and did it in simple way, so resorted to amount of fields they dropped chemicals on plee bargaining= to get around court of law >information cutoffs example) soviet union, 5 year plans, steel and agric
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