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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 – Week 4 – January 31, 2013 Bureaucracy & Rationalization - Weber - Bureaucracy is necessary (Why?); but it also has unintended consequences Traditional Society - Small scale - Traditional Authority o Personal Loyalty - Rule of Thumb o If it works… you do it that way o Plus are adaptable Need for Organization - Forcing Variable o Size (Group) - As size increases, the need for organization is required to maintain order - Primary groups – Family o Long term o Broad; people like you if you are a screw up - Secondary group – People you may interact with (card dealer, grocery shop and etc.) o Usually short term Need for Large- Scale Organization - Pursue Specific Goals o Services and Infrastructure  Health  Transport - Systems at Breaking Point o No reserve capacity  Snow Removal – WE can’t have hundreds of extra trucks, we try to match to what we need  Health Care (Hospital)  Haiti – They only had one airport, during the earthquake, it was destroyed and the planes couldn’t get there  SARS broke Toronto Rationalization - Purposive – rational control of nature and society - Seek most efficient methods o Use rational calculation o Constant improvement o Seek best ‘technique’  “The Check List Manifesto”  Prevents people from making certain mistakes because it is on the list and they can follow through with it Bureaucracy - Division of Labour - Hierarchy of Authority o The highest doesn’t give out orders o The lower you are the more “jobs” you have - Rules and regulations - Qualification – based employment - Impersonality McDonaldization of Society George Ritzer - Efficient, calculable, predictable o Automated o No surprises o Fast-Track Ambivalence to Bureaucracy - Red tape - Ritualism Unintended Effects - “Iron Cage” - Alienation - “Chickenshit” o Maximum anxiety about issues of minimum importance Departures from Efficiency - Goal Displacement o SOPS (Standard Operation Procedures)  “Satisfycing” solutions o Information Cutoffs Techniques of Behavior Control Film on Taylorism and Scientific Management - Clockwork - Deskill Work o Remove control from workers  Vs. Craftsmen - Seek
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