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Week 8 Lecture

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John Hannigan

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things we take for granted benches steps entrances doorsbecome quite important in terms of micro environmentinner cityeg entrancesmost commercial buildings are either you enter in from the sidewalk or in the case of suburban area you enter from mallnot all entrances are the samesome have entrances directly from the sidewalk and no space in between but not usual waymore common is to have door into the storerestaurant and have an area before you enterstores are built that way because quite common to have store windows and have display in store windows either sale items or new items so people can without committing them from going into the store and being a client it represented a neutral zone where you can stand and look at merchandise in store windowscannot do this if have entrance right on sidewalkthis serves useful functionentrances like this serve other kinds of roles to step out of rainweather and carry out minor tasks that a person does as pedestrian collapsing umbrella putting away ttc pass getting change etc takes you out of the flow usually if travelling in another part of world and carry maptravel guide and want to pull out pocketguidemap this place is useful and to avoid pickpocketsthere could be a downside it can attract the kind of people that a merchant may not want hanging around in entrance areaeg if becomes popular place for druggies and street people not what merchant wants because people walk by and see these people and dont want to go through them to get into the storethemes public vs privateentrance area is priva
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