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Sheldon Ungar

Monday March 3, 2014 SOCA02 WEEK 9 Globalisation- process where social relationships are established transcending national borders, primarily by subnational and supranational actors • Eg: supernatural organization; Nike, Wal-Mart, large chemical companies • They are organization thought to act supernatural levels, eg; united nations, Interpol, charitable foundations • Interesting are the ones that arose from the actions of the government (IGO, INGO) they implement political ideas to developed to non-developed countries, they also transmit western politics • Nation states are important factors today such as NAFTA • Martin , quoted in the book th • Industrialization began end of 18 century, • National sovereignty is decreasing, if transnational corporation are investing in many countries in the world, that means power of national states is going down • It is affects developed countries more than non-developed countries • Tariffs prevent imports, because it is too expensive and Canada has abandoned tariffs Factors of globalisation • 1. Communication- and transportation technology, they come down to communication, either u need to transport good physically or enable people to communicate across state lines eg; airlines, container chips but problematic because of huge amount of fuel, and really slow. Engine parts arrive in 2 months it will take 2 months to ship and come back gain, (global commodity change). Technology would not have given us globalisation alone, but it is needed for more efficient production integrated into everyday life. Technological determinism is that the progress of tech is automatic and nothing can intervene. We have these developments because they are profitable and maximizes profit • 2. International and state politics- most important factor is whether the company will or not open its borders for free trade foreign investment, international monetary funds. • 3. Economy: capitalism is always seeking new markets, higher profits and lower labor costs, but what is significant is they are no corporation which are so large and produce so many goods and services that they cannot be profitable on an international market. They grow in size and they need larger markets to remain stable and that is what necessitates globalisation. Another problem is that the market needs to be with profitable power, also looking for new purchasing power. Transnational corporations • They are the most important supernatural factors • They differ from traditional corporations in  Size of the market share/market power  Depend increasingly on foreign labour and foreign production  Emphasizes skills and advances in design, technology, and management Monday March 3, 2014  Depend increasingly on world markets- must have large market with purchasing power and populated with people who can afford to buy the product, consumeris
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