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Andrew Mc Kinnon

Thursday March 15 2012lec 9 EnvironmentSociology and environment is relatively new 2530 years old Concern for environment came about cuz of population growth last 100 yearsmedicine came along medicine science came along cured us with many diseases so we live longer Food production increased famine is almost gone from the world Population has increased in the last years combined with urbanization and industrialization These three things have placed strings on the carrying capacity of the globe how much a globe can stand The globe can put up with so much pollution that it can collapse The environmental movement has changed substantially from 1970 it is often called conformation Environmentalism has been around for years America was the first in the world to create national park The environmental movement today the forest area in Canada has increased 50 Ecology the study of the interaction of living organisms and the natural environment It is the place in which social sciences and natural sciences interact It is mostly social sciences EX global warming it is a social scientific effort The natural environment surface atmosphere air water soli We need the environment to live unlike other species we need to have the ability to produce culture It depending on the culture can have a bad impact on environment Exour culture too much consumerism and materialism Nashtalaga fond memory for simpler time in the past EX medieval community Our world is consumerism and materiliam The sociology is interested in environment cuz it talks about pollution acid rain produced by SO2 cold fired generating plants goes into the atmosphere and becomes rain and this rain is acidic goes into lakes and makes lakes acidic fish die off plant life die off Forests are affected Acid rain is a serious problem in Canada It has been addressedas SO2 levels decreased Another kind of problem is global warming and the pollutant responsible for that is CO2 which is a natural occurring gas in our environment These pollution problems are created by humans And this make environment a social issue thus environment sociology Environment movement see it as a globalization movementsee the world as an eco systemsystem composed of interactions of all living organisms and their natural environment Globe is a single interacting system Eco comes from Greek means house ecosystem house means world is our home and this world is related to each other Environmental movement doesnt like hamburgers as muchshow single globe interaction between ppl and then the interaction spreads This increases the demand for beef which is ranching the industry in Alberta Particularly in Brazil costa Rica Ranchers get the beef range by cutting the forests Environmental movement says that the tropical forests are imp for earths environment Plants give our O2 photosynthesis You cut down forest u cut down 02 The threat to the atmosphere is the threat to America and the rest of the world T Technology and environment The technological stages simple technology hunter gatherers ppl that are nomadic it is reckoned by sociologists that we came from hunter gatherers it lasted 100 thousand years in human history and till then we didnt have any impact on environment they were stone age group Ppl are better long distance runners than animals there were no private property Minimal environment impact Intermediate stagetraditional ppl who were horticultural who engaged in small scale of farming and pastoralismhurting of animals Up next came the Agricultural society in intermediate stage they
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