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March/ 10
Science and technology
-Scientific laws and liberty
-Technology improves living conditions
-Social forces can be an enemy of freedom since it can be manipulated.
-Lisbon in Portugal earthquake natural disasters. Watershed is the turning point where god
is given punishment from god people who have sinned.
-Secularization is not the death of religion
-Religion is seen as nationality.
The Future of Religion
Are two contradictory social processes occurring today:
i.Secularization Increasingly, secular institutions are taking over some functions
formerly performed by religion
ii.Revival Intensification of religious belief
Both are likely to persist for some time, giving rise to a world neither more religious nor
more secular, but one clearly more polarized
Secularization gives people the right to choose.
Church: European Classification
Church Bureaucratic religious organization that has accommodated itself to
mainstream society and culture
Bureaucratic nature evident in:
Formal training of its leaders- got to go to school
Strict hierarchy of roles
Clearly drawn rules and regulations
Integration into society reflected in:
Its general abstract non-threatening teachings
Its recruitment of members from all classes of society
2. Sects: Usually form by breaking away from churches because of disagreement about
church doctrine
Are less integrated into society and less bureaucratized than churches
Sometimes separation is geographical as well as philosophical
Separation from larger society also through strictly enforced rules concerning dress, diet,
prayers, and intimate contact with outsiders
You dont need formal training to perch
Sects usually says dont hang out with other people that no believers in their particular
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