SOCB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Nonprobability Sampling, Internal Validity, Focus Group

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12 Aug 2016
Statement of problem/ RQ
Research question: Highly focused
question which inquires goal of study. It
illustrates what is being investigated
what is the relationship between class attendance (independent
variable) and academic performance (dependent variable)
Review of recent literature Recent researches have been studying the relationship between class
attendance and its effect on university students’ academic experience
and performance
Research Hypothesis/ Objective
Hypothesis: about 2 concepts’ relationship
Objective: info/aims we seek in study (no
The hypothesis is that university students with higher class
attendances are more likely to achieve better academic performance
Selection and operationalization of variables
Sample selection -> Random Assignment
Experimental Group
Exposure to the
independent variable
Control Group
No exposure to the
independent variable
The class attendance (independent variable) will be measured include
attendance survey result and display in percentage. Academic
performance will be assessed in term of two criteria- school GPA
system and Academic reflection interview.
Research design
Simple case study
Longitudinal study
Comparison study
Longitudinal comparison study
This will be a longitudinal comparison study contain experimental
group and control group expanding for four years of duration.
Academic performance will be assessed every semester (4 months) in
multiple time series until the closure of the research. Experimental
group will have to attend all classes mandatorily where control group
will not be intervened at all.
Sample selection procedure
Systematic random
UofT currently have 10,000 first year students. We will selecting
representative sample of 1000 students selected using systematic
random sampling technique. The sample will then be further divided
to experimental group and control group using simple random
sampling technique
How data was collected
Focus group
Probability sampling
Non-probability sampling
Accidental quota
Attendance- attendance survey system
Academic performance-
GPA- school system
Academic reflection- interview
Summarization/ presentation of data in words
Present finding and you are only
describing data 解释数据
Guided by your hypothesis and
research question
The result shown that students from experiemental group which was
required to attend all classes have a significant increase in GPA in 1.1
and thought continue to have higher learning experience through their
academic reflection interviews.
Confirms with our hypothesis.
However, the interview was only subjective, and the increase of GPA
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