SOCB26H3 Lecture Notes - Industrial Revolution, Merit System, Structural Functionalism

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Published on 9 Oct 2012
Book notes
- wondered what was replacing the authorative voice of religion
- he saw socialization as a complex activity involving an important reciprocity
between individual and society
- public education was the modern institution to fulfill this broad public
- production and distribution of goods and services are critical to inequalities
in society
- education as suppoting capitalism, both in terms of teaching the skills and
values essential for the smooth functioning of the workplace, and for
reinforcing an idea system that sustains and legitimates inequalities
- rise of rationalization (replacement of traditions, values, and emotions as
motivators for behaviour in society with rational, calculated ones) as a
principal logic in modern societies.
- His conceptual tools focus on how schools helped spread bureaucratic and
scientific world views, and how educational certificates were increasingly
used to monopolize access to some types of jobs
Macro theories ‘grand theories’ – applies across entire societies
- e.g. schooling for instance, by linking it to broad modernizing forces that have
Middle-range theories more circumscribed, offering propositions that are geared
to specific times and places, such as a particular nation in a particular time period
- e.g. schooling why the Canadian higher education system greatly expanded in
the immediate post-Second World War era
Micro-level theories face-to-face interactions among people
- e.g. classrooms, micro-level theorist would observe a teacher’s classroom
management tactics and other attempt
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