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Week Seven October 26, 2010
Classic Sociological Theory I-SOCB42-Lecture 7
-Marx's best book and most difficult
-If you go back and read the discussion “mr. Money bags” you should be cracking up
laughing as you read it
-Human activities driven by human needs
-The body of Christ (the host) to Marx its just bread
-Three great realms of experience:
-It had been demystified by German scholars who demonstrated that its
impossible for human beings to understand the nature of god without meaning
the structure of the human mind. God is based on the human mind
-The realm of politics has its own kind of mystery in the king, the emperor who is
god on earth
-A higher order of human beings somehow more than human
-Washed away in the bloodbath of the French revolution
-Louis the 14 head was chopped off put in a basket and kicked around
-The seas didn't part and the sky didn't fall nothing happened. It was demystified
-This is the realm that Adam smith studied
-Missing the layer of aura and magic. It seems like it doesn't need to be mystified
because it is not mysterious
-Marx disagrees
-He thought that it was more deeply mystified and mysterious than the alter and
the throne ever were because they seem so un mysterious
-For Marx the market is a supernatural spooky place that is controlled by people
like things
-It runs on exploitation
- Marx thought that what he was doing was already building on the demystification of the
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