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- G. H. Mead
o Life
o The act
o Interaction
o Child development
o The I & the Me
o Science + Morality
- You can only study things you can observe
- Stimulus (black box) Response
- Mead: we actually CAN observe the mind
o How do we observe the mind in the world? Through acts.
How does he think an act unfolds?
1. Impulse
o Some sort of sensuous stimulus that the person reacts to
E.g., being thirsty
o This can develop from within or come from the outside
E.g., haven’t drank for a long time vs. seeing a beverage commercial
o This impulse pushes you out to the world to satisfy your impulse
2. Perception
o Organism/actor is searching for & reacting to various stimuli in the world that relate to
their impulse
E.g., searching for a thirst-quenching beverage
o Not everything is going to satisfy your impulse, perception attempts to narrow down the
processes that are actually relevant to your impulse
E.g., urine vs. water
3. Manipulation
o Experimenting various objects to determine whether it’s actually suitable for your
E.g., boiling water to decontaminate it
4. Consummation
o Taking action to satisfy your initial impulse
E.g., drinking the water
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