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SOCB47H3 Lecture Notes - Metanarrative, Post-Structuralism, Social Darwinism

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Francisco Villegas

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SOCB47 LEC 2 SEPT 18 2012
Today :
- Power
- Inequality
- Integrative racism
o What is power?
Ability to control people; economic religious militaristic
People with influence e.g. knowledge
High status
Knowledge*; who makes the decision about knowing
o Where does power operate?
Work place
Political institutions
o Is power an invisible force? Is the way it is organized natural?
Idea of social Darwinism
Power is not natural; we cannot understand it outside of the social relationship
that it is embedded
We can’t understand power outside of our own situation
We cant assume that everyone is natural because there would be no recourse
for resistance
o Different theoretical approaches to power
Karl marx
Capitalism= economic system that involves 2 classes
o Capitalists-own means of production
o Working class- sell labour for wages
Relationship is exploitive
Power as a pyramid; top capitalists; bottom workers
Why would these unequal power relations continue? Why wouldn’t the
masses seek equality?
o Organization of consent
People learn to identify with the interest of the ruling
class as their own; therefore those in power of do not
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