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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 7 NotesSlide 3The studies that happened pre1950s had a lot of ethical problems and the ethical requirements we see now were not even considered In response to unethical studies like CIA funded LSD studies on psychiatric patients in Canada in the late 50s60s No one questioned it at that timeSlide 4Their relationship between society and science Should researchers study what is considered important in society at a given time Should the federal government and other agencies give grants to these types of research Should researchers care about societal concerns Professional issues such as fraudulent behaviour producing inaccurate results unethical and duplicate a publication researcher to publish the same results in multiple journalsunethical Another reason why ethics matters is in regards to the treatment of researcher participants most fundamental ethical issue Especially in sociology and social sciences where would we be without our participants Have to treat them with respect otherwise no one will participate ever again The researcher knows more about the ethical procedures than the participant does so they should provide as much info as they can to someone else Slide 6Informed consent a letter given to the participant in plain English with as much detail as possible without giving away the study and what the participants role will be while making sure they know that if they want to stop the study at any time there wont be any p
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