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Katherine( Katy) De Celles

Opinion  research Pyramid  the lower it is, the more opinion  Depression is subjective, what Canadians might see as depression might be viewed differently in china.  Knowledge is contingent and process, there is a process to creating knowledge Top layer of the pyramid 1) Aims at objective and disinterested knowledge 2) Builds knowledge on collective verifiable facts 3) Uses systematic procedures Procedures  collect facts  produce objective knowledge Social science vs. regular inquiry 1) Theory – helps us know “what is and why” 2) Social regularities – find patterns within society, interest in general society 3) Aggregate–level analysis  looking at certain groups, why do these patterns continue, even though individuals within the groups are changing Exp. Immigration, having babies,  study variables (not people) 4) Variables – an entity which changes  Attribute – characteristic of people or things. Description of variables, more detailed form  Exp; Religion (variable) Judaism, Christianity, Islam (attributes)  One attribute usually effects the other 3 Important Contrasts;
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