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Lecture 5

Week 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ping- Chun Hsiung

Oct 26(wk 7) SG Readings 5 Is This what Motherhood is All About?: Weaving Experiences and Discourse Through Transition to First-Time Motherhood- Tina Miller This article focuses on transition to first-time motherhood and explores the experiences of a group of women as they anticipate, give birth, and engage in early mothering. It illuminates how these women draw on, weave together, and challenge dominant strands of discourse that circumscribe their journeys into motherhood this article will explore the different ways a group of women draw on, weave together, andor reject aspects of the dominant discourses that configure contemporary constructions of good mothering and motherhood attention has been drawn to the assumptions made about womens natural and instinctive caring capacities It has been argued that such assumptions have neglected the circumstances, power relations and interests that have made women primarily responsible for mothering and that lead to beliefs that womens mothering abilities are somehow natural, essential or inevitable Personal experiences of mothering and motherhood are largely framed in relation to two discernible or official discourses: the medical discourse and natural childbirth discourse In addition, a third, unofficial popular discourse comprising old wives tales and based on maternal experiences of childbirth has also been noted These discourses have also been acknowledged in work exploring the experiences of those who apparently do not conform to conventional stereotypes of the good mother The contrasting, overlapping, and ambiguous strands within these frameworks focus to varying degrees on a womans biological tie to her child and predisposition to instinctively know and be able to care for her child (unless categorized as a bad mother when assumed natural abilities or any mothering capacity may be reassessed through legal process). prenatal phase of transition to first-time motherhood. Here, expectations are unlikely to be informed by personal, subjective experiences of mothering but rather influenced by notions of nature, instinct, and experts knowing best the ways in which natural traits, for example, bonding and feeling a sense of responsibility for an unborn fetus, have been engineered and incorporated into accepted discourse
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