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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 (Guest Lecture): Reena Virk

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Vanina Sztainbok

SOCB22 – Lecture 8 (March 4 2013) “The Erasure of Race”  Talked about what was missing in the articles. Issues like race, class, gender, etc. were not mentioned. o Reena was described as different, but they never really explained why. They talked about her personal differences. Equally the Victims of “Girl Violence”  All of the girls were seen as victims of girl violence.  A parents nightmare: a moral panic. Why are the girls becoming more violent, when they aren’t seen as violent? o Disintegration of our society. Feminists Blamed for Leading Girls and Women Astray  Widened life for girls, letting them be more “like boys” and therefore becoming increasingly violent. Gender Centric Explanations of “Girl Violence”  Feminist rebuttal saying that girls are just recreating the violence that they are subjected to. Good Girl/ Bad Girl Dichotomy  Idea that girls and women are inherently non-violent. Girls and women that meet the requirements of hegemonic femininity (white, middle-class, heterosexual, able-bodied) are in fact the “fairer” sex.  Very much a racial, and class category.  Good Girl is the fairer sex. Unquestioned Heteronormativity: Colonial Sexist-Racist Underpinnings in the “Girl Violence” Narrative  Girls fighting (physically) over the affection of boys.  What kinds of socialization is going on to make it so people think that it’s okay to beat someone up based on competitions, etc? Shocking: An Ordinary Good Girl Runs with the Wrong Crowd  “Shes a good girl, from a good family” was used as a defence against all of the evidence, and testimonies. The other girls involved were said to not come from good families. Racist Violence  Sherene Razack o “Joining the nation… reuires that men actively perform a hegemonic masculinity in the service of the nation. This masculine ideal includes engaging in acts of racial domination. The i
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