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University of Toronto Scarborough
Julian Tanner

Socb26 Exam going to be made up of 3 parts Part 1: MCQ -16 questions class material -19 questions davis and gupp, 56,7,10, p247-265 of chapter 11 Essay will be on both side of the exam booklet (max) 20 marks for the essay organization and format, as mini essay can choose 1 of 3 questions streaming single sex education… MCQ- interested in key ideas, broad trends or patterns Less interested in dates and names Comparisons between north America and europe Changing nature of higher education in Canada Cultural attainment in education Institutional theory Different types of schooling (shopping mall highschools) Schools and socialization Lecture  Rampage school shootings don’t happen very often  There is no evidence that there is an increasing volume of school based crime and violence, its still the case that the school is relatively a safe place compared to streets and neighbours  Since Colobine, successive cohorts of highschool students probably not used to the idea of US, having their movements tracked with cameras and metal detectors, more police officers  Today we will critically look at these measures  First thing we will look at is school uniforms o Whats the rationale for school uniforms? o Egalitarian reasons  If kids could wear what they want to school, this could lead to status competition  Kids who have affluent parents would have more money to spend on latest fashions vs those from lower end families  This would avoid status games  This is used to justify school uniforms in North America as well o 2 other justifications:  teachers and principals favour uniform policies for their schools because it allows them to identify those that shouldn’t be in the school (community-based gang members)  has a positive effect on school climate (positive effect on overall academic attainment)  Since introduction of school uniforms there was a decline in delinquency and crime in 1990s (or so someone claimed)  Later research was released that questioned these claims o This later research was a longitudinal study and reversed some of the claims made for school uniforms o School uniforms had no positive effect on the amount of substance use (drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana), didn’t make a difference to cigarette smoking o Wearing school uniform didn’t have positive effect on attendance o What they did find was that they also found that uniform policies seem to have a negative effect on school behavior, after introduction of mandatory uniforms in mid 90s, they found some evidence that overall academic attainment seem to decline  Maybe because they didn’t like the policy ?  Senior highschool students did not like the policy particularly, and as the result of their resistance, the school board changed the policy and school uniforms were removed o If there is any ki
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