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Lecture 8

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Julian Tanner

SOCB26- March. 13. 2012 Lecture 8 VIDEO - Girls get lost, boys are more prominent (talk louder, impatient and participate more) in co-ed schools, holding the theory that boys are born leaders - Western high is one of the last all girl schools. Today, schools are favoured to be mixed - Publicity that boys get more teacher attention, even though girls get higher grades b/c boys raise their hands first. Teachers shd wait 5- 10 seconds to give everyone an equal opportunity - Even at a pre-school age boys are more eager to voice their opinions b/c they don’t care if it’s wrong, they raise their hand even without knowing the answer just to get attention. Teachers must implement rules to restrict the distracting actions of typical boys (wiggling+ squiggling) to ensure equal opportunity. - Silence ghetto: isolated from class, reluctance to speak up/ get used to not raising their hands - Physical changes are much more impactful on girls, Males learn better in a competitive environment, No evidence that it could be detrimental to go to an all-girl school  Why might girls benefit from all- girl schooling? 1. Female schools tend to hire more females and then act as role models/ mentors 2. Boost confidence and self-esteem 3. Girls get undivided attention from teachers 4. No academic underperformance by girls, prevent embarrassment 5. No boys are able to dominate group projects or for teachers to attach greater expectations 6. No teasing/ sexual harassment issues 7. Females are typically romantically distracted by male students i.e. thinking about Jbieb’s 8. Transition from childhood to adulthood, you’re able to screen out distractions of social and sexual development and fully concentrate on education  However,
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