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SOCB26- March. 20. 2012 Lecture 9 - Schools and social organization: Human capital theory  Schools are the engine room of the economy: school is where job skills are created (The best paid ppl are the best educated)—education does pay off  Investing in education allows societies to ultimately be competitive in a global market  we have way more high school and uni graduates than we need to fill high school jobs  14.7% of ppl have a uni/ high school degree are unemployed - Critics say  Many graduates are over qualified for the job (doesn’t need knowledge of philosophy to work at the Bay) and therefore suffer from unemployment  a weak relationship between grades and occupational attainment and performance  We don’t retain much of what we learn in school after the last exam is over  They are underemployed: they can do the jobs without touching on what they learned in school  If the cognitive skills learned in school were so vital, we would then find employers looking for graduates with the best grades; but we don’t. being a graduate is enough - why do employers then prefer to hire uni graduates? Credential inflation is the outcome when you have too many candidates competing for too few jobs in the labour market
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