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Dan Silver

CLASSIC SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY Week 1 Introduction Why Theory?  Intellectual power, increase sophistication, conceptual tools that help you make sense of things around you (industrialization, morality, etc.) What is Classic Sociological Theory?  Classic- very first rank, the highest. An example of a grand human accomplishment. It also lasts a long time. They’re generative; you can always find something new in it and world- defining as it defines a way of thinking and feeling. Does sociology have classic? Sociology is between Natural science and humanity trying to give a general portrayal of the world. They also produce concepts like nature of society (Marx).  Sociological- the study of interaction and how groups are held together, make them more than just an individual. How do these forms of group change over time? Typical problem and solutions to these groups?  Theory- a Greek word that means theatre; stepping out of the normal world, observe as an outsider and understand it. It’s an abstract (meaning of something) rather than empirical. Ex: counting art galleries in T.O and find there’s an increase in #s is an empirical method because it has #s. But if you ask why ppl analyze it, observe painting and spend time in there is an example of abstract. Theories are also general no
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