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Lecture 1

SOCB42H3 Lecture 1: Classic Sociological Theory I Lecture 1

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Classic Sociological Theory I Lecture 1 Introduction What is classic theory all about? Market order, commerce, and exchange. Why does classical sociological theory matter? May Day a chemical that was released in Montreal yesterday international Day of workers rights. Protesting against trump and better pay, and also improved immigration rights, progression in the government, keeping getting the dream act. What Is sociological theory? Any sociological theory is basically a set of organizing principles that we use to make sense of the world. A set of directions of our social world. Purpose of theory is to make sense of the world and make predictions about the future. If we have positive or negative goals in minds, tell us how to intervene in the world and achieve that goal. Tell us what variables (characteristics) and processes to pay attention to Tell us why we should pay attention to these variables and processes Help us to make predictions about the future and suggests ways to intervene in order to change outcomes. Learn it! Learn each theorists general approach to the social world Learn the concepts and processes each theorist works with and be able to explain how each theorist draws on them to make sense of the world. Wants a good grade? Need to all of the above successfully and evaluate each approach. i.e. do all author look at the class the same way. What is Smith Interested in? The nature of the wealth of nations Natural resources Can be important but not guarantee of wealth Stored treasure: savings matter Can be important but not guarantee of wealth Smiths Idea: GNP per capita: The quantity of goods and services produced each year, divided by the population. Wealth is a social product: Nations require particular kinds of conditions to enable production and generate wealth It is not something that just exists in the environment, something that can be obtained when right social conditions are met What are the right conditions? Division of labour
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