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Dan Silver

LECTURE 2Webers Ideas Sociology as Science of Human ActionTheory of ActionNatural Science vs Social ScienceIdeal Types PowerAuthorityStratification Theory of Action When you go to class go to work go to church what does that mean to you Is it part of dignity gaining recognition Etc If Im just sitting in my room thinking thats action but its not social action Once we get together as a group and start talking about things which is social actionF you remember Marx the focus was classesare you a worker or owner Smithare you a land owner capitalist or worker DurkheimStructures of organization and its relation to creating broader social integrationWebers focus is not on the structure of organization its the subjective meaning of what people get out of itWhat does it mean to you Often peoples actions are explained by things that dont have anything to do with meaningbackground conditions environment genetics At any given time theres a lot of people doing a lot of things so thats a lot of subjective meaning Typology The types of meanings people can give to their behaviour 4 major types of action 1 You go around and see people doing stuff all the time and it seems randomIf someone hits someone it could be because of a spasm which isnt on purpose But generally its because there is a purposegoal Is it the best mean to my end Concerned about the consequences Purposeful rationality goal oriented 2 Lets say you keep observing and it isnt towards a goal and they end up getting expelled from school and they dont care about the consequences of their actions Perhaps they were doing it based on a value If someone disses your mother if you retaliate its defense of your mothers
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