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Dan Silver

Religious rejections Durkheim Social Facts DOL in society Agenda and Structure Function of DOLWeber was a workaholic neurotic geniusHe was very interested in a certain category of religion Salvation religion Because salvation religion promised people redemption to be saved from suffering sin corruption Promised a better worldHe was interested in the social consequences of believing something can save you These religions are historically one of the major influences of social change When people start believing there is a nation of people they are more connected to than their biological brothers that allows people to mobilize and eventually creates a universalistic ethic to treat everyone the same It has a powerful reforming power He proposed to do this by dividing religion into different dimensions very powerful Inner Worldly Other WorldyYou have to withdrawfrom the regular world and stay with the church Activedont sit back and letVery missionary Mormanism Monkish work all day separated things happen take initiative Active Asceticism Puritan type from the world Select group of religious experts Passivejust let things happen Sacred wandererGo out and doBuddhism Mysticism If its meant to be itll find me whatever you want to do not Withdraw from the world empty part of a plan to change the yourself of all desires worldHe goes on to think about the two starred religions are how they relate to different spheres in the worldECONOMYHow do these religions relate to economy Where are the sources of tension between these religions Impersonality Money aint got no face No one cares where it comes from or what it is spent on Capitalism doesnt care Profit is profit Very limited personal connections You dont know who your mortgage lenders are Relationships dont matter for the economic transaction But the ethic of brotherhood is deeply personal and neighbourly Supposed to know people in a deeply personal and caring way Cant treat them just as a random number It is a fundamental value clashTwo ways that the major world religions have squared that circle 1 The puritan ethic You work in a vocation A callingHave to make a compromise with brotherly love You dont love everyone You focus on yourself and your state of grace So to make the
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