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Lecture 5

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Dan Silver

Lecture 5February 7th 2011Religious Rejections of the World DurkheimSocial FactsDOL in Society AgendaStructure Function of DOL The puritan wanted to be someone with a vocational calling today we are forced to be o In the day working hard that got us closer to god Today if you want to get by in the world you have to get with the program and work hardWhat is difference between different religious attitudes and the world Which religious encourage people to drop out of the world make our way up to a higher world and which encourage people to accept or actively change the world If peoples basic values orient towards their actions those attitudes are going to influence economics art etco Salvation religionSalva comes from the latin word to save from suffering sin and corruptionPromises to raise people above the world Have been historically some of the most important In rising above the world that currently exists people who have been able to do so also have been able to radically change the way the world operates Interested in the social consequences that lead you to believe salvationHistorically influencial social changeChristianity is a prime one Often says that your spiritual brothers are your real brothers more than your blood brothers Radical statement because kinship is a major way or organizing the world It breaks the blood family and instead creates a spiritual family Encourages people to love all of humanity Everyone can be potentially saved and enter the spiritual realm That also changes the world because if all people can be saved then the bond of the tribe has been a major way of organizing society InnerWorldly Religion youre OuterWorldly Religion you have supposed to somehow realize to leave the world somehow to gods teaches out there in the live up to gods wishes world Active Religion think of Active Asceticism Monkish yourself as an active agent of Calvinist Puritan Go to the monastery and god God has a mission andYou have to go out into constantly disciplining youre gods tool If you dont the world and reshape yourself But youre carry out the mission it wont the world The world is working on yourself be accomplished the objectprimarily ACCORDING TO WEBER its the PURIST and MAJOR TYPE Passive Religion youre not a Sacred wanderer Mysticismtool but a vessel a cup into Lutheran Go up to the mountains which god pours himselfYoure out there in the meditate and let god inYoure accepting god and world You have to doACCORDING TO WEBER letting him into you somehowstuff but you dont its the PURIST and really care about it You MAJOR TYPE
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