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Dan Silver

SOCB43H3SLecture 7022812 Causes of DOL DOLModern Society Sacred and Profane Beliefs Rituals Church Collective Effervescence Causes of DOL Ways that the DOL can go wrong Anomic Lack of regulationYou have a differentiation and division that occurs But there arent any rules yet of how things should relate to each other ForcedYou have DOL but only certain classes can fill certain functions For example people who make money had specified jobs The more DOL there is the worst it is for you It creates all sorts of tension UncoordinatedIts about the relationships between roles and personalities If youre going to school you may discover that you have certain personality types You have people who have personalities to be teachers but dont end up being teachers This again creates all sorts of tension There are more and more different roles so this is where the tension risesSmith Marx those authors from last semester talked about DOL as alienating individuals Comte talked about the social disintegration The common theme is the DOL creates problems on the one hand and needs on the other side to fix it Comte says you need political unity to fix the breaking of societyDOL is bad for morality Durkheim doesnt agree with that He says that these problems are pathological problems but are not problems of the DOL itself It has to do with justice guiding valueThe problem isnt that you have division and differentiation its just that you dont have a good regulatory system Its a temporary problem of early stagesDurkheim thinks force is a deviation from the true meaning of DOL DOL works when you have a system set up that everyone with the appropriate skills to get into certain tasks for which are suitable for those skills
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