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Lecture 5

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Dan Silver

Lecture 5 February, 7, 2012 o Weber: Religious rejections - Salvation religions “halleluiah” - Economic sphere= weber was a workaholic genius - Founder of the area of sociology of religion - Categorize religions so they can orient themselves in the world - Social consequences of believing something that can save you - When ppl start to believe there is a higher world, than their blood nation - Family, nation > salvation religion has allowed ppl to mobilize around them and weaken them (powerful reforming power) - Inner- - Other- worldly worldly - Active (you - Hustle and - Don’t give in think of yourself as a bustle of real life to the temptations tool for God’s will) *missionary/ active (i.e. painting/ art) asceticism which is - Monkish the puritan type i.e. (restricted) Jehovah witnesses - i.e. Buddhism (meditate instead - Passive (don’t - Sacred *mysticism actually have to do wanderer something to change the world) - * = fit best together The tensions are so deep there isn’t very good solutions - Success in economy- reconciling religion 1. Major source of tension is impersonality ( money doesn’t care where it goes or comes from, capitalists think profit is profit, no matter the personal relationships that suffer) economy is essentially dehumanizing 2. Puritan ethic- you work at a location (you don’t love everyone, you focus on yourself and the state of grace), screw the economy I will just become a misfit 3. Mysticism- participating in the economy you’re not in it - Politics 1. Better way and more sacred way to live in a better place= salvation religion, the king doesn’t like Jesus, impersonality (state administration/ functions; you aren’t thinking of people as individuals and humanity) 2. Importance of power- state has the authority to use violence, implies a hierarchy of commanders and servants 3. States use violence routinely 4. Realpolitik (states will pursue what’s in their geo political interests but morality will be against the) 5. Patriotism (emotional loyalty to a state, rivals allegiance to religion) 6. Consecration of death- you go to war and you die, you died for something and the only other way is through religion (brother killing brother, France going to war with Germany) - 2 ways to get out: puritan (go out in crusade kind of way and go out in the world so ppl will listen to God’s word), mysticism (you turn the other cheek, don’t resist or react) giving religion meaning to the political world - Aesthetics/ art (b
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