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Dan Silver

SOCB43 Lecture 11 Definition: 3 from Simmel, 1 from Mead, 3 from, WeberDurkheim Short Essay: Simmel, 1 comparative question Tutorials tomorrow!! Office hours on Monday, Tuesday Intersection of Social Circles Definition: Degree to which any groupsocial circle overlaps with others - More intersection, overlap, the higher the sense of uniqueness and individuality - Social development is a movement from ascription (parts of yourself that are simply given to you by birth) to achievement (make you make of yourself) - Achievement you develop your own thins and seek out for relationships with people who are similar to you in terms of goals, achievements, etc (universities were created based on culturenationality based. Modern universities are based on modern disciplines that one studies) - Ascription you live where everyone knows each other, you dont change yourself a whole lot - How do people become to think of themselves as distinct from their ascription OR from everyone else in all? Ex. what is a marriage made up of? Modern Version: Parental family of both sides (husband, wife) produced a founded family. Husbands and wives tend to have different jobs, roles, hobbies, interests, usually children etc. no me determined by the circles you are in. Pre-Modern: not over lapping circles but concentric circles (circles within circles). In regards to the individual, anyone in one family can be explained in the same way as another (same family structure, same city, religion, job, etc). More circles one is involved in, less likely for more than one person to belong to the same set. Concentric circles allow for similarities. Nothing can be taken for granted; you are involved in so many things (ex. Im Catholic and can be nothing but a Catholic) (ex. you are Catholic but you explore other religions your membership is not automatic, but thought out and used to find out something about yourself). Ex. Classes + Nationality + Regions = something bigger that leads to distance, sophistication; allows them to judge because they are no longer a part of it; have rituals to reaffirm their beliefs; intense solidarityconnectedness because they all gave up something.
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