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Vanina Sztainbok

SOCIO B47 SAMPLE QS 1) 1) Marx believes that capitalism is evil. The bourgeois class owns property, while having the proletariat doing the actual work. The bourgeois take all the credit from the hard working proletariat. It is an ongoing class discrepancy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Capitalism leads to alienation of the workers, their exploitation and devaluation of humanity. It is a class struggle, an unequal distribution of income and rights. For example CEOs. They have the power and authority to make decisions, decisions that are often influenced by their subordinates. More often than no, a regular employee would come up with an ingenious concept or idea that would be referred to the CEO, who will act upon it as tho the idea originated within him/her, and hence the employee would be deprived off his rightful glory. 2) Inequality is portrayed through the lens of citizenship. 3) Domestic workers are impacted by discourses ( The frameworks of thinking in a particular area of social life. ) in such that they are treated differently depending on what part of the world they come from. The “immigrant discourse” would always place them below citizens, giving them a lower status than most with less economic & social rights and feeling of belonging. It is also the interpretation that people have that certain cultural groups do not have the same understanding or educational standards that they have, and so they have restrictions put on them and are favored less than people of other ethnicities who are thought to have a better status. Sometimes the discourse of disease among certain populations could pervade , and therefore domestic workers coming from the Caribbean for example would be thought to be unclean, and would have health regulations placed upon them. 4) Institutions/ structures such as governments, immigration officers, private domestic recruitments and government visa officers. and such set strict policies and regulations concerning foreign domestic workers in the visiting countries, limiting their access to resources or to everyday luxuries citizens experience. Regulations such as deportation if they are unfit to work and forbidding them from bringing their families. The workers must also be tested for health purposes and must be interrogated and somewhat educated. 5) So many regulations and policies are placed upon them to hinder workers, they are exploited in many ways. Their salaries are usually lower than average, they do not have a citizen status and are made to feel like outsiders, they must maintain a professional relationship with their employees, often working extra hours and days. These features are taken for granted by citizens, who see it as a “normal” thing.According to Andrea Smith, what are the three pillars of white supremacy? Identify each pillar and illustrate with an example. 1) The logic of genocide as the anchor of colonialism: This has to do with native americans and the logic that they must either disappear, or must always be disappearing so that non indigenous people can rightfully claim the land. They are a “present absence” in such that americans can justify the conquest of land because these natives are disappearing. The Indians are driven to play dead and in time they will ultimately vanish and the land no longer theirs. Non native people act like indian wannabes by imagining themselv
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