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Week 9 Lecture Note

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Vanina Sztainbok

Week 9 Questions: Do you usually think of poverty as a health issue? o Poverty and health are interrelated o Cheaper food (i.e. Kraft dinner) is unhealthy What was the most surprising or confusing fact or idea that you encountered in this weeks readings? o Poverty can have an effect on health in cities based on the proximity to affordable food sometimes food are more healthier but more expensive o Some supermarkets are harder to access and not as many options o In poorer areas where you think youll find cheaper food is not actually always the case o This idea that marginalized communities, its not just their poverty but where theyre located is also a factor o Same for aboriginal communities not heavily populated, so can build industries there and not harming them Inequality and Environmental Hazards: First Nations in Elliot Lake Film: Uranium Think about: Can you relate this situation to some of the frameworks discussed this week andor in previous weeks? What are some of the historical causes? In its natural state, uranium gives off atomic radiation for a number of years, disrupts internal function Uranium supplies a
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