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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Domestic Violence

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

SOCB49 – Lecture 9 (Mar. 11) Domestic Violence In-Class Exercise  How has the legal system failed these women before they took the law into their own hands? What evidence has been cited, by whom, to suggest that the legal system has failed? o The legal system has not been effective in protecting women from being assaulted  Just giving fines.  Judgment itself can be turned around that the courts victimize women again.  What are the similar profile/experiences of these women’s intimate relationship? o They went through years of abuse. o The legal system didn’t help or protect them. o All had children, and stayed with the husband because they couldn’t support them on their own. Financially trapped. o Fearful of what family members would say. o Knew that the abuse wouldn’t stop, but they didn’t know how to leave. o Fear of retaliation if the husband finds them. o Physical entrapment in the sense of owning property together, or being married.  Didn’t really know they were entering dangerous relationships. They started out fine.  What particular aspects of these women’s narrative indicate that they act on self-defence? o Had to prove that they felt in immediate danger. Definition  Family violence is commonly understood as the hurt or suffering (physical, emotional, psychological, economic, sexual) inflicted by family members on other family members.  Includes elder abuse, wife abuse, child abuse, etc. Recurrent Cycles of Domestic Violence  Phase One: Tension Building o Attitudes, and arguments.  Phase Two: The Explosion o The actual act of abuse.  Phase Three: “In Peace” Again o Everything seems fine. o In some cases, act as if nothing happened. o Some cases, beg for forgiveness. o Sometimes make excuses, or blame it on her/alcohol.  Continuous cycle. Profile of Family Violence in Canada  1/3 women experience domestic violence from their partner  29% of women who ever…… Historical Roots of Domestic Violence  The “Rule of Thumb” o Originated in E
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