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Lecture 4

Sociology of Family- Lecture 4- 4th February 2013.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Benjamin Cheung

SOCB22 Sociology of Family Lecture 4 4 February 2013 Unpacking Parenting - In reproductive labour there are two primary components. One is producing new generation and the other is sustaining the existing generation. Producing new generation as labour force. Parenting is required, if we are going to produce and reproduce new generation of workers. - Parenting is one of the essential components of reproductive labour. - It is not only child bearing but child rearing. - Child bearing is only 9months but child bearing takes a lifetime - Parenting requires that we convert and also mobilize existing resources and social relations. Existing resources is physical and emotional labour is required in child rearing. Notonly parents need to evoke physical and emotional labour they need to mobilize and convert existing social relations. Sometimes we hear that it takes a whole community to raise a child, we are taking about social relations. In order for social relations to be available for child rearing we need to sustain and rejuvenate the social relations. That is how we unpack the notion of parenting - All this work is a good example to further demonstrate the concept of staging family life. What happens in the family does not happen naturally, it take deliberate effort to make it happen. Unpacking parenting requires us to see the invisible effort. The effort is often unpaid, which goes back to an important aspect of reproductive labour. A case study of parenting - Assigned reading, - Data collected; 1992-1994 and 1995-1998 - It was collected in Toronto through parenting workshops. - Most of these individuals were heterosexual couples that were middle class white and white individuals. - Looked at data from during pregnancy to the end of first 2 months after the baby was born and when they turned one. - Researchers interviewed couples, used qualitative research (interviews) - Research usually start off based on curiousity, in this case they wanted to know what happens when couples have children - So they asked questions like why and the extent to which gender differences and divisions are created when heterosexual couples become parents, and what the implications of these difference and divisions are for couples relationship? How did the women and men negotiate with each other the redirectionof care that occurred when the women did child centered mothering? Did becoming a mother affect expectation on the women to fulfiil their obligations as wives? What was the relationship of motherwork and motherhood to housework. Positioning parenthood in the context of reproductive labour - Men’s increasing involvement in reproductive labour - Contradictions in motherhood - Women and men are changed by parenthood differently - Experiences of parenthood is shaped by women and men’s circumstances and their experiences as mothers and fathers - Heterosexual couples usually become more conventional when they become parents. - When it comes to parenting we see that once the couples have moved in to parenthood we see a drastic change, between the couples. On the one hand when women become mothers they experience a contradictory situation, on one hand they feel that they have no choice but to take care of the baby (which is exhausting and demanding) but it is also rewarding that new mothers talk about this excitement. For women motherhood can be both rewarding but be constraining. - Men and women experience parenthood differently. For women, child bearing changed them, their physical body, their relationship with their family (they are no longer single), change their relationship with their partner (instead of two there are now 2 or 4) changed their routine, t
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