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Lecture 4

Lecture 4-5 Motherhood and Reproductive Labor

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

thSOCB49Families and TransitionOctober 12 2010Lecture 45Motherhood and Reproductive LaborThe notion of reproductive labor first then we will talk about the film from last week Last week we showed a documentary about the US but the reading is about Canadian experience both talk about the macro structure and how women were encouraged and pressured to enter into the labor force during WWII when the men leftAnd they did a great job Most of the work was perceived as a male type of job and women were able to do it and did it very well But after the war was finished women were forced out of the labor market back into the reproductive labor to be mothers and wivesThey were told doing feminine jobs were better for them their family and the countrySO both the film and the reading show that the gender division of labor is not natural Both at the macro level and the micro levelWe need to examine instead of taking it for grantedWhat forces have encouraged the particular type of division of labor between men and women Productive labor is in the public sphere its paid with stratification meaning that in the labor market there are specific types of jobs that are seen as male types of jobs and others as female types of jobsThe male types of jobs generally pay bette
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