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Lecture 5

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Francisco Villegas

Lecture 5 • History of Nation-Building in Canada o White Settler Society; Europeans came to Canada and colonized the land/saw it as empty/reproduced and increased white settler population  A large white settler population  Ideology of white settlers as dominant; white settlers superior to other races o “the nation building project in Canada depended upon flexible and constantly transforming race and cultural politics with a twofold aim: managing the diverse populations of the country and also doing the symbolic work of imagining and creating national identity” o Nation; groups/community of people who feel like they have something similar/shared past/shared moment in time/shared future o “In 1867, John A. MacDonald, the first prime minister of Canada, articulated the hegemonic vision of the nation-building project when, in a speech to Parliament, he proclaimed that Canada was ‘a white man’s country’”  “White man’s country”- privileged members of society where white men/people of colour inferior + women were inferior/ intersectional based on gender/race/class o Racial and gendered project;  Deny the vote to women and not-white people • Prevents citizenship/ denial of political participation • Keeps like-minded people in government o Orientalism War  Continuous Journey Regulation; in early 1900s all British subjects could move around between British colonies (were supposed to be only the settlers not the colonized people) Therefore they enacted a law saying only if there is a continuous journey to undergo/no stopping in between • It would be difficult for people in India to make it all the way to Canada without stopping/in need of fuel/food/people die along the way etc rd • Now: Safe 3 Country agreement; you must claim refugee status in the first safe country you land in  Japan was a power so they were given a quota of immigrants they’d be allowed into Canada  Chinese Exclusion Act; Chinese people were unable to enter Canada o Gendered Debates;  contrasting between Asian Women and White Women • Asian Women=hypersexual/white women=chaste and need of protection  Excluded Asians • Can’t have just Asian men or Asian women-they’d marry white settlers • Can’t allow both because their children would be citizens in Canada • Imaginary “Indian” in Canada o Representation of Indigeno
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