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Lecture 9

Deviance Lecture 9.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Denis Wall

Lecture 9 A deterrent: meets the two utilitarian terms, public as well, sends a message to people, this will happen to you if you do the same thing Proportional: the severity of punishment corresponds to the severity of the crime, more serious crimes, more serious punishment; you can’t be punished in strange kind of way, “you take someone bread, your bread is taken as well, makes it easier to equate the individual to the crime. Ex: more direct: community service, more abstract: imprisonment, laws should be clear in defining crimes, judges should have certain powers removed from them and judges should just simply have their “cookbook” in front of them, should just be like machines Clear: Based on positive and negative sanctions: Bentham: -Argues that we have become too involved in punishment, we rely too much on them that the severity of these punishments have decreased, rape and homicide has same punishment then a criminal would be more likely to kill the person too. -if they murder the witness, they have a less chances of getting caught -unintentionally, the rape or murderer thinks that I don’t lose anything. - capital punishment is bad b/c increase the amount of crimes committed, increases the problem itself not because it is inhumane - the punishment should be just a bit excessive, punishment creates unhappiness, It can be justified if it prevents more evil -deviance can be controlled by changing the rules, they all have free will and agency so the only thing we can do is change the rules -the determinace measures we have in place are all of the same source, can we people -we should not terrorize people rather rationalize people, in conformity people are living in a unhappiness life Bentham notions: 1) If the individual knows that they are always being watched, the conformity increases/ people engage in good behaviour -Internet service providers -you are being watched at all times -everywhere we are always being watched, we are always on camera -on campus there are minimal poilice officers Lecture 9 -people should have the notion of being always watched *Prisoners: they know they are always being watch
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