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Deviance and Normality- Lecture 1- 11th September, 2011.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Denis Wall

SOCB50 Deviance and Normality Lecture 1 th 11 September, 2012 Instructor: Denis Wall Office: MW379 Office Hours: Tuesday; 5-6 Required Textbook: Deviance and Social Control, 4 Edition th - Deviance consists of norm violation - Why do some people choose to deviate and why do some don’t? - Much of the research on deviation is based on how we can change youth from deviating - Many of the approaches deal with gang related issues - We still use historical ways to determine whether someone is trust worthy or not - We use physiological attributes, stereotypes on facial and body attributes - Prisons are an indicator of the amount of deviances that is out in the world - Vast proportion of the US population are incarcerated due to drug usage - They are attempting to reduce the prison population, however by doing that they would have to eliminate certain laws, for example legalization of marijuana - No one likes to stand out, feels like its humiliating, therefore we like to conform - Stigma is a negative label, describing someone in a negative way and it is hard to remove that label - This person absorbs this label and this identity, that others give us - If you were to steal from Wal-Mart, you are most likely to choose to go to jail rather than go stand in front of Wal-Mart and say you stole. You wouldn’t want that stigma of thief being applied to you Introduction to Deviant Behaviour - Conformity is something that constrains us, one should deviate in some way (Mason Cooley) - It is a rush and creates an adrenaline to d
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