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Joe Hermer

SOCB51 Lecture 5  Norms are neither good nor bad and it depends on the principles and values and how it impacts us as a person. o Depends on our beliefs, values and principles so they are formed depending on the individual therefore it depends. Gender  Stereotypical to general fusion  Construction – gender (sex is not biological) if men and women construct it they attach it to a sexual category about being either a boy or a girl (so given a pink and blue blanket determined whether you are a boy or a girl o designate a sexual designation gender so a man or a woman powerful internal or external norms and doesn’t think how to dress whether they are a man or a women and they deeply internalize it and it is how we make our self in the world  look at fashion appearance (most appearance depends on how we fashion our body and to have masculine or feminine qualities  talking about masculinity and feminity (this is not static and it changes like gears  it is related and we calibrate to one or the other (e.g. change in feminity). This is constantly changing and there are extraordinary changes Start with feminity  Author changes in the last 20 years and women to men and economic social and cultural power and there are advances in gender quality o When looking at the statistics we see that women outnumber men in university (52 vs. 47) and also women outlaw men in law school  There is also changes in women economic and social status and even the job status changed and also medicalization has changed and our bodies with medical technology  Mass media has created change where pregnancy change and this is a change from 20 years ago. o Women pregnant bodies were a private domestic affair and wear pregnancy dress at one point and now today not really ashamed with pregnancy and image of pregnancy body has (no public judging) and has changed in a variety of ways  One of the factors that are changing constantly is control in society and even resistance of norms and read in another way in which the women’s body is objectified o expanded and a point of public consumption and this is medicalized in different ways  Some women drink and smoke when they are pregnant o when they were pregnant they also drank wine and they were subject to intense scrutiny (smelled like sulfur). Women’s body was a public property. o e.g. where women were pregnant the body was branded and were called men at work and this sign or image made sense 50 years ago and no one has this image of a woman’s pregnant body so the decay of the women pregnant body (feminity)  so a high fashion focus – ideal body in western culture is white thin hairless pubescent young docile traditional idea in terms of culture and replicate these qualities and construct technology to give them the ideal body o models – genetically ideal and how are they constructed? Even if you are genetically gifted to make such ideals pretty accurate of how any model is constructed after the diagram or photograph  the perception of beauty is distorted  photographer is the main person in the dark room and in the fashion shoot which is the guy who does the photoshopping (extent of manipulation that goes on)  through diets, Lipitor, liposuction, and illnesses does weight loss occur but to be thin takes time money and control so common e.g. would be not eating anything and taking food up the nose to lose weight and this is a good e.g. for technology for thinness and the downside has considerable controversy and question of models and two e.g. are anorexic models one was 88 pounds and died and the other one died of kidney failure and this caused controversy in the media o both of these individuals had a body mass index of 12 and there are no guidelines for this  bulimia is eating and regurgitating the food and anorexia nervosa is used for advertising to create a culture of idealistic and it didn’t take that into account  one body using three different faces and instead of considering 11 different bodies they just used the most idealistic body for the different faces  Take social context in case of education o What effects does social media take for anorexia so take the social context into consideration  We learn to conform to the different body types being learned in the different social context  one of the things girls learn is through perfect body shape not a form of chaos and is a type of conduct to exert control and pressure to be perfect o Increasingly present in these structures  perfection in everything such as an exceptional athlete and want to be likeable people and pressure to be perfect so anorexia exerts control of the body and is a way to control and belong and need to be motivated to do this o social context of perfection and performance codes and again control in order to belong  won next top model (Holland) 3 year contract so 100,000 dollar model contract she was a 92 cm waist figure and when her waist grew to 98 cm they said she had to lose it and goal was to lose 8cm and she didn’t and inst
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