SOCB51H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Jaden Smith, Ontario Human Rights Code, Sex Reassignment Surgery

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16 Apr 2016

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SOCB51 Tutorial #4
Transgender (a working definition)
Transgender: encompasses a range of gender experiences, subjectivities, and
presentations that fall across, between, or beyond stable categories of man/woman…calls
in to question an assumed relationship between gender identity, presentation, and the
‘sexed body’. (Seelman, 2014).
Additional notes: Gender is not man or woman but a spectrum. The dichotomous
relationship doesn’t count for a lot of people. There’s a detachment between sex and
gender. Gender is what you perform and sex is what you’re born into. You don’t have to
fully transition to be transgender.
In Toronto Alone
The estimation of transgendered people is 2-5% (out of 2.79 million).
Additional notes: 55,000+ people. Not a small group.
Jaden Smith and John Pitt
Jaden Smith isn’t transgender but wears women’s clothes because he likes his appearance
in them. Big controversy. John Pitt born female (Shiloh) but choosing to identify as
male. Asked parents to call him John and parents agreed. Also dressed as a boy. Hate
from people. Transgender people not only face problems conversationally but also in the
employment sector or health sector or public spaces.
Andrea Gibson and Chad Bono
Andrea Gibson is a spoken word activist of the LGBTQ community. Chad Bono
transitioned fully from female to male.
DSM and gender identity disorder (2012). Stigmatizing in name and treatment. DSM
changed name to gender dysphoria (2014). Huge issue in the medical community as well.
Camh conversion therapy on those who want help on sexual reassignment surgery and
general therapy. Gender dysphoria is stress from gender; less discriminatory and less
prejudiced. There was a study conducted in Ontario that were looking at youth from
kindergarten to grade 12. 78% of the youth they interviewed who were identifying as
transgender or something other than cis-gender had experienced various forms of
harassment. Harassment: stalking verbal threats, assault without weapon (pushing,
shoving). 35% of their participants who identified as transgender had experienced
physical assault. Physical assault: assault with weapon, battery. 12% of them had
experienced sexual violence from peers and non-peers (can be same age or older).
Anyone who faced discrimination as pervasive as transgender people is likely to cause
harm to self/self-esteem, which is correlated to different mental illnesses. Having gender
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