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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Violence Against Aboriginal Women and Identity

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Vanina Sztainbok

SOCB53 – Lecture 9 (Mar. 12) Sample Question from Midterm  Explain how the concept of racial and ethnic boundaries (Anthias and Yuval-Davis, 1993) differs from commonplace definitions of race and ethnicity. Illustrate with an example. o An explanation of commonplace understanding of race and ethnicity  Ethnicity is linked to culture, shared practices, attire, and language.  Race is linked to biology, phenotype (how people look) o How Anthias and Yuval-Davis differ from the commonplace?  Distinction isn’t that clear.  Included national and religious divisions as also being not distinct from each other.  These ideas are constructed and changing so that ethnic divisions can look like race and race can look like ethnicity.  The categories are fluid, the boundaries are political (political institutions choose how groups are defined) o Example:  Jews. Were considered a race. At another time they were considered an ethnic group. But it is a religion. Theorizing Violence Against Aboriginal Women  Sherene Razack: “Gendered racial violence and spatialized justice: The murder of Pamela George” o Concerns:  Families  Murderer’s family shrugged off what they sons had done.  One mother washed the kids bloody clothes like he did nothing wrong.  Media  Two good boys who went overboard. Too bad for them because they were in college, but now their lives are ruined. Unfortunate for them.  How did this become the focus?  Inability (in media, court, and public discourse) to understand this as racial and patriarchal violence  It was the fact that she was an Aboriginal woman that lead to the lack of truth and focus in the discussions about it. o Race constituted through space (links to colonization)  Degenerate/respectable spaces  Certain racialized spaces are seen as degenerate, underclass, lawless, bad things happen there, less morals.  People are constituted through the places that they inhabit  Can be talking about race without actually saying it. – Underclass discourse.  If you live in an area, you become associated with it’s classifications.  Example:  Jane and Finch  Lots of crime  Scarborough  South Oshawa  Rosedale – where Maya lives.  Bridal Path  Rich people o Anomalous Zones (the Stroll)  Zone that is considered degenerate, and the laws don’t apply. Things happen there that don
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