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Lecture 3

Week 3 Reader notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Vanina Sztainbok

January 24 Racial Knowledge David Theo GoldbergThis scientific cloak of racial knowledge its formal character and seeming universality imparts authority and legitimation to itIts authority is identical with it parasitically maps onto the formal authority of the scientific discipline it mirrorsAt the same time racial knowledge racial science to risk excess is able to do this because it has been historically integral to the emergence of these authoritative scientific fieldsRace has been a basic categorical object in some cases a founding focus of scientific analysis in these various domainsPower is exercised epistemologically in the dual practices of naming and evaluating In naming or refusing to name things in the order of thought existence is recognized or refused significance assigned or ignored and beings elevated or rendered invisibleProduction of the racialized Other then establishes a library or archive of information a set of guiding ideas and principles about Otherness a mind characteristic behavior or habits and predictions of likely responsesThe Other as object of study may be employed but only as informant as representative translator of cultureThe set of representations th
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