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Vanina Sztainbok

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SOCB53 Lecture 2The concept of race and how it has been define during the ages What does race mean Link to geographic origin cultural practices which differ according to race religion racial stereotypes ideas of race and that it has something to with racism The concept of race is different throughout the ages we are concerned with what it thmeans in the modern period The time period since the 17 century onwards in the west is defined is called enlightmentRace could refer to common linage certain geographic area in a way refers to different blood tiesToday we group those under the same though it mite fall under ethnicity people bound thru kinship ties geographical hierarchysome are higherlower than others race becomes of a marker of diff thingsOne of the first people to use race Key ThinkersBernierdivided people in 4 groups Classifying all natural life plants animal kingdom he also looked up as Linnaeushow humans are but classified them in different specieWhen he described with European asAfrican were described as crafty BlumenbachWhite supremacyskin heads KKK how the wing is superior also to the idea that whiteness is superior Some philosophers took for granted what the naturalists were saying Kant Hume Voltaire West has don
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