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Lecture 6

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Vanina Sztainbok

Feb 15Lecture 6Remembering aboriginal womeny Aboriginal women are more vulnerable to violence as they are more likely to be out in streets y First nations women are sex workers make it more justifiable to violence live on streets This type of violence needs to be framed and something need to be done y According to societies women were suppose to be depended on men staying at home but these women aboriginal resisted colonizationy Patriarchy is a tool used by colonizersie Indian act and residential school were also gendered girls were thought to be ashamed of themselves and their sexuality y Ideologies are imp to racism naked women were sqawhardened sexually loose available and rapeabley Racism is a process by which some people becomey Once u impose certain hierarchy one someone it goes hand in hand with another hierarchy y So the patriarchy separated people y Find dawna movie which talks about the missing cases of women and how nothing is being done about it and end result is death of these innocent women y Pamela believes that colonization still exists and effects people the trauma is passed on to younger generations story of residential schools which people are to unlearn their ways ie
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