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David Perley

Wednesday February 12 , 2014 SOCB55- WEEK 6 Continuation So why don’t more employees become union membership? • Management doesn’t like them • Members of the public including some employees don’t like them • Some employees don’t see any benefit from the union membership • Young people are difficult to organize because most of their part is in the service sector • Employers want to keep wages to keep profits high • Agricultural workers are also difficult to organize- agricultural wages are low and farms tend to scattered all over the place and there would only be a few number of employees How does management resist unionization? • Employees are made to fear the consequences or joining a union • Losing jobs, denial of promotion, wage increases • Large amount of income differential the public sector was able to create • If young people had an easier opportunity to join a union they would • Threats to relocate plant internationally: the central of industrial manufacturing has switched from North America and Europe to Taiwan where labor costs are lower and more restrictions on trade union activity • Sweet stuff: to ward off the threat of unionization, employees offer improved wages and benefits, thereby encouraging employees to conclude that there is no added value to union membership • Labor costs are lower than they are in Canada, US, and UK Dilemma of collective action: the free ride problem • An individual employee knows that union will benefit from my membership v
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