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John Hannigan

ORGANIZED CRIME AND ORGANIZATION IN ORGANIZED CRIME its called that because it is highly organized. big difference between the regular business corporation & the crimincal corporation. one is commited to legal profit the other is commited to illegal profit. but if you get that out of the way, they are very similar, organized crime is very similar to regular business corp. SIMILARITIES : both rely on orgnization, beauracracy (formal organization)(it is why we study sociology and management studies) the ends may defer (which is legality and illegality, goals may differ, but the means of how you get to that goal are very similar) ex: beauracracies have A CHAIN OF COMMAND : at the top, you go down the chain in the order of organiztion, top individual gives you a command, GOES DOWN HIERARCHY (foot soldiers? the orders are carried out) in crime it is difficult to ctch the top guy, he nevr gives direct order (WHACK - KILL (underworld term) hard to track the top guy, he gives others order, who order others. the division of labour in org crime - there are specialists. in regular business. DEPT COLLECTURE (tools are baseall bat.. you dont wanna kill someone who ows u money, ut break their kneecap to get the msg across) HIT MEN : people who specialise in killing, almost impossible to catch (the pro hitmen, impossible to catch, because they have no motive other than a some of money) MONEY LAUNDRY - put your money to ifferent places so you dont have it all with you ( to save taxes and shit on your illegal businesss) without anyone noticing "blow" - johny depp NARCO MONEY - money obtaine from sale of narcotics, (deposit in their systems) MULE : some body who will cary cocaine personally in a suitcase, and he gets paid generously for doing that but goes through a high risk carrying the drugs around. you can cover up the smell of drugs by carrying coffe beans, it will dull the aroma. SOME ORGANIZED CRIME members specialize in prostitution division of labour rules to be followed SILENCE "OMERTA" - no squealing under any circums tances promotion is based on merit. legit and illigit usinesses, evaluate ppl in the same way HOW MUCH MONEY UR MAKING FOR THE CORP the more likely u r to get promoted. rules and policies that have to be followed rules of loyalty - never snitch or u die. RESPECTABLE CITIZENS : keep organized crime in business organize crime provides society with illegl goods and servies for which large demand exists, but its illegal (tho lots of ppl want it, respectable citizens want certain things that r illegal and they wil go to org.crime to get it.) (weed, strippers) ORG CRIME connects to legit world by way of RAFT AND CORRUPTION hard to imagine crime like this existing on a large scle without being paid off. LOAN SHARKING : ppl who loan you money are like sharks - (org crime makes 0.2% of its total income rfom loan sharking) if you need money, and your credit rating is terrible, no credit union wil give you the money (banks or trust company, even friends wont) so u go to ORG.CRIME they will lend you money, the catch is - THE INTEREST ON THE LON WILL BE 10% INTEREST A DAY (they will eat you alive, they wont kill you.. but they wil scre you and damage you) PROSTITUTION : (2.4% of org. crime income is frm prostitution) "THE WORLDS OLDEST PROFESSION" the man never stops so, always the possibility of mking money out of this. they are patrolled by INDIVIDUAL pimps, or work for a madam frm a house SOME ARE FREELANCERS - work for themselves. they are the TOP OF THE HEAT. youth beauty iltelligence etc. PORNO: (4.4% org.crime income) it used to be a lot more, but censorship were relaxed and the internet came along. (in early 1990's - bobray was a primiere of ont. leader of NDP ) before ontrio use to be british, n he threw an orerly council and govt decided were gnna have porno shops. they have had their days, but the net took away their days from them. URBAN LEGEND - org crime, makes snuff movies? - TO SNUFF (TO KILL) which actually show somebody killed true or not? debated. GAMGLING (5.2%) used to make a lot more money than they do today. there used to be gol the govt said why shud org.crime get all that loot (MONEY) SO ALL OF NA SHUD GET A PIECE OF THE ACTION - govt said we want some of that money, they institutionalized GAMLING - (LOTTERIES, CASINOS ETC.) CASINON - BEGAN IN LAS VEGAS. a lot of them are okay and aboriginal reserves, where the law does not reply, when it comes to gambling ABORIGINAL RESERVES ARE SPECIAL LEGAL ENTITIES, so they can have casinos AND ABORIGINL PEOPLE ARE MAKING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. DRUGS : (87%) during the __ missionera when alc was illegal n they started talking about legalizing it - the most opposed were members of org crime, because they would loose vast part of their income - even today they oppose the decriminalization of marrijuana. because it will hurt their POCKET BOOK. if u regulate drugs, you wil push org.crime out of business. CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY & PERSON (amounts for the highest profit ) robbery, sex assault, drug arrest, property crimes (COMMON CRIMES) theft figures largely in that type of crime - inshort a victim looses property to the perpetrator. (a crime n a victim) CHECK FORGERY,(PROPERTY CRIME) B N E (property crime) GTA (property crime - stealing crimes) ARMED ROBBERY (weapons involved) type of theft that gets linient treatment is - SHOPLIFTING theres an exception to the rule (its a female crime) many people who get caught are well off. ("movie star" - renol something? got caught shoplifting ( i meant to pay for it, but i forgot) a typical female crime. PERSONAL CRIMES some times clled VIOLENT CRIMES -crimes against women(relatively recent, altho rates are always high) -sex harassment (but govt dint colect data on it) -physical violence (PARTICULARLY AMONGST WOMEN IN THE FAMILY, it was diff frmo than those outsie) it wasnt discussed by criminal justice system even sex abuse among women in the family. THEORIS OF CRIME AND DEVIANCE - BIOLOGICAL THEORIES (CRIME IS TO BE EXPLAINED BIOLOGICALLY) SOCIOPATHIC - PSYCHOLOGISTS CALLE PSYCHOPATHIS, SOCIOLOGISTS CLL IT SOCIOPATHIC) - there is agenetic element involve in most kinds of crimes and that genetic element needs to be triggered by social circumstances, sociopaths and psycho paths are ppl who commit some of the most terrible crimes and they have no guilt (lack conscious) labelling theory - no particular theory of crime has been able to elbow other theories of crime out of the way, no efinitive approach in criminology or sociology - not made yet, and most criminology comes from socio anyway THESE THEORIES LOOK FOR PHYSICAL FOUNDATION - crime is inherited - genetically cause of crime exists insie people in
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