SOCC58H3 Lecture Notes - Nuclear Family, Industrial Revolution, Labour Power

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14 Nov 2011

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The history of the family and the complexity of social change. american historical review 96: 95-124. Marriage. journal of marriage and family 66(november): 848 861. Determinants of social structure determines the roles of different individuals, the levels of agency (society determines our behaviors, who we get married to, free choice or arranged marriages). The institiution of the family through a course of time, as a dynamic unit that changes over time. The family doesn"t seem to change too much over time. The roles of its individuals members and the roles that the family provides to the society do change throughout life. Function: roles, the purpose, functional perspective say that the family would not e there if it did not have a function. Two set of functions: we use the family as a unit of analysis, and they have societal functions to, but these change historically.