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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture

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Ann Mullen

The Gendered Society Difference between sex and gender Sex = biological difference with men and women Gender = social construction How sociological explanations for gender differ from biological and psychological explanations Gender differences in society No overlap between men and women E.g. gender differences in brains Mean differences between men and women men have higher testosterones, men are heavier, women may score higher in nurturing, etc. Mean differences: scenario where there is no overlap between men and women; men and women are completely different Overlapping distributions overlap between men and women Theres more variations in most cases within genders than between genders We tend to focus on differences than the characteristics that cross both genders Most of the time when we do see gender differences, we tend to see whatever men have more as being better and whatever women have more as being deficient Its deficient if men use right brain or women use left brain Men are deficient for having lower levels of testosterone Deceptive distinctions = cases where we see that women are behaving differently than men, we see that as reflecting gender differences (e.g. menwomen are more aggressive, so it reflects some differen
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