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Week 9 Lecture

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Ann Mullen

Week 9: Most university graduates are women Its the choice of universities that is different Women are more likely going into nurturing courses, sociology, anthropology Men are more likely going into science fields: engineering, science, math, physics, etc. Women are going into business much more likely than they used to When women go into a particular field, men start moving out of that field over time Then it becomes female dominated because the men move out The women are going into university, but men and women are going into different fields of study It makes a big difference for the jobs that men and women get The gender gap hasnt changed much in the last 30 years Women would make about 70 cents to every dollar men made, now its 75 cents to every dollar made Men are going into engineering jobs, which are highly paid jobs Women continue to earn less than men because of the field of study they choose Women are encouraged to enrol in university because women would be able to have access to jobs and make the same kind of money that men did Mens fields in university: Characteristics of men-dominated fields: Management Practical Math Technical Engineering Rational Computer Logical Political science Systematic Philosophy Difficult Physics Prestigious Women fields in university: Characteristics of women-dominated fields: Sociology Gender studies Theory Biology Interpersonal Health studies Activist Nursing Nurturingcaring Social work Critical, social justice Teachingelementary education Tolerance, patience Open-minded Video Clip: People become accustomed to what is appropriate and inappropriate for boys and girls Boys and girls develop gender identity and stereotypes about male and female gender roles (expectations about what men and women do, what boys and girls wear) Breaking the gender norm video clip:
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