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Clayton Childress

Media and Society SOCC44 Lecture 1 th 9 September, 2013 19 century British novels were mainly based on Romance, mostly aristocratic families, novels about good manners, good manners is what holds the society together Canadian novels during the 19 are similar to the ones described above. How do they justify their status, and social hierarchy, women are a major part of these novels. However the novels in the US during this time were about men who were going off into the west, to conquers the west alone, there is this idea of noble savage. Women are very rare in these novels, they are assumed to stay home and do nothing. Why is the US novels so different from the British and Canadian novels, This is because Canada was the first to gain their independence, while the US is more the type to use guns. Canada is more a democratic society, and they come together and make decisions together, while the US everyone does whatever they want. However these theories aren’t correct. The reason they are different is due to the price of novels. Foreign novels were th cheap in the 18 century and then it rose. While the price of US novels stayed relatively cheap. The US market was therefore flooded with British novels, because they didn’t honour the British copyright laws, and they sold these books for dirt cheap, 60 cents. Then in 1894 they began honouring the copyright laws, and began paying artists for their work even if they weren’t American. In sociology there are three perspectives on Economy and Culture. They are the nothing but, the hostile worlds and the connected lives. 1. The Nothing But Relationship - One is nothing but the other, just viewed from a different perspective. - Marx argues that the base is how are factories organized - While superstructure is what guided society, through culture. - If you want to know the superstructure, you need to know which structure society is making things - Culture is nothing but the economic mode of production - Weber came in and said that Karl Marx is wrong. - Weber argues about the Protestant Work Ethic, basically stating that if you want to be closer to god, you need to work hard and you are successful then you will be close to god and go to heaven, but you cant flash it around, you should save it - What do you do with all this money, you are supposed to invest in in your work and labour. This is referred to as capitalism, you made money, but you should work harder to accumulate this money. The economy is nothing but the reflection of culture. - George Taylor was an economist who had a theory, he states that there is a relationship between the stock market and the hem line on women’s dresses. If the stock market is going well, then the hem line goes up, “lets have some fun so the dresses get short”. But then if the great depression occurred and the hem lines go down. Although this is untrue, the nothing but relationship that, if you want to know about hem lines just look at the stock market. 2. Hostile Worlds Perspective - Argues that the relationship with the world and the economy is best left alone, they need to be separated. - The example of sex and money, when sex and money start to intermingle it doesn’t make us feel good. Another example is an art gallery, art and money. If you go to an art gallery, the prices aren’t listed by the painting, they are in a separate room. This is because they aren’t intermingling the too, they are separating culture from money. However they only do this for singularities, which are for culture that are really really valuable. We see this in the world of music also, when someone says that I used to listen to Drake back then,
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