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Lecture 7

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Clayton Childress

SOCC44 Media and Society Lecture 7 4 November 2013 Podcast- autism in Hollywood Movies that are coming out and how it affects box office The next section is that about autism and how the actor has to be able to reach out to autistic individuals There is a whole industry of diversity consultants. They hire some guy who speaks for all the Pakistanis or all Canadians. It is kind of ridiculous because he’s just some random, but they do this anyways. They do this because they need one person, because they don’t employ any kind of these individuals in their industries. There is this weird logic of “ask a black person logic” They also talked about the award ceremony and how we are able to know what movies are going to be up for an award before the movie even comes out. It kind of has to do with reputation. What people try to do is try to figure out how the stock market, but it didn’t work. But firms in the stock market used these methods to make prediction. The prediction created reality, they couldn’t figure out how it worked, but the players made prediction of how they can get an award. Award is a way for an industry and a field to say hey we know you like thor but we really appreciate it if you like Lincoln. People make movies for awards, because it generates capital and prestige. Booker Prize A field is larger than an industry. An industry is just the different organization that is making the same stuff. An industry can be a movie industry, or a shoe industry. A field is wider than that and we can define what a field is based on who is oriented with the field. Netflix doesn’t make movies but it is an industry, but a field makes movies and includes Netflix. In a field everyone is orienting to the same thing, but how do they all get ton the same page. This is where transorganizational structure comes from. It is like a job fair where everyone from different organization comes to the same place. The Oscars is a transorganizational structure, everyone from differen places come together. Field Configuring Events - Create institutional spaces for increased interaction among participants - Who use them to organize around issues of common interest (such as government issues on piracy, everyone in book publishing coming together because they are concerned that piracy will occur like it did for music in books) - Confirm and retify status hierarchies within the field and (this has to do where people sit, like at the Oscars, they have all the actors sit at the front, but then the writers sit at the back) - Exchange capitals (eg. Cultural or social to economic) between players ( if you are like a young no name director and you win an award you have cultural capital and if you win the award you can say hey I want my pay day and exchange your cultural capital for economic capital) (or if you are Tom Cruise and you have economic capital you can exchange it for cultural capital by setting up meetings) ( in most of these things, movie lovers aren’t even allowed, why are they so hostile to all their fans is because they have all these other stuff that needs to happen first) Other Booker Prize Stuff - they say that the booker prize is a field. It had the unintended effect of creating a whole new market category - before there was this market category of fiction for Britain, and then fiction from Antigua or fiction from South Africa - The booker prize was like no that we are all the same thing, and created a market category for colonial fiction - A lot of people became really tired of selling US novels but not have US sell any of theres. - One of the best predictor of the booker prize is having sort listing for the booker prize, one of the second best predictor is being published by John King, the guy who came up with the idea of the booker prize. - At the level of the text itself another way of being short listed for the booker prize is having a male man character - The gender hierarchy exists, and they have a gender penalty against female characters. - The booker prize and everyone short list the individuals that are nominated, it is like the nominees in the Oscar. Robert Parker - It is interesting how one individual has such a great influence on everyone - He has an insane amount of influence in this field. If Robert Parker says the wine is good then people will go out and get it - He has so much power that he can influence what people in the industry do. They might say that since Robert Parker likes that wine we should create more wine like this - Consumers want to buy things that are his taste. Then consumers produce want he wants. - He is a surrogate consumer because he is a reviewer. - The parkering score has a field of effect - When people asked him why cant he do a blind taste test, he refused to because he said he is not a dog doing tricks. There is nothing in it for him, people who have lots of power have everything to lose and nothing to gain, because he is already at the top. - Why does he control taste so much? Because for the most part consumers don’t know what they like. - People tend to not like when quality is subjected, you cant evaluate if a movie is good or not unless you have seen it. We still tend to use RottenTomato and Uruban spoon because we need some filtering, before we go see a movie, because we want it to be objective. Critics - it is the role of critics to connect producers and consumers - producers have no idea what is going on so they need, these critics to tell them whats going on, because they have no idea - Cr
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