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Thorough notes on Lecture 2

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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H3 Media and Society Jan 212011 ***Correction to syllabus Essay is due on March 18 , not 25th Ownership and Control of Mass Media Butsch: Research on media effects Thesis? He is criticizing that people who belong to lower classes are much more susceptible to mass media effects Groups of people have been marked with this susceptible and a lack of critical analysis of articles Women and children are one group. They arent exactly class groups but they are powerless, making them susceptible Immigrants. They start as working class once they arrive to country Main concepts? Class Subordinated social groups Emotional possession: A heightened emotional state in which your rational faculties are suspended you are so overcome with emotion that you are no longer thinking straight Not evaluating the content rationally and analytically Relationship between class and emotional possession People of lower classeswomen childrenimmigrants are much more susceptible to emotional possession. It is their usual states when faced with mass media content Other classes view mass media rationally and critically Cause of succumbing to mass media influences: lack of education Lack of experience in analyzing mass media content More you are exposed to it, more you know the tricks Communication model? Reception model: How different people (upper class compared to lower class, men compared to womenchildren) receive and interpret the same content Because they (different classes) perceive and interpret the same content differently they have different effects Theories of Media Content Much sociology of mass media concentrates on effects on an audience Content is assumed to influence media effects directly. The influence of production is indirect
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