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Lecture 11

Thorough Notes on Lecture 11

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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCC44H3 Lecture 11 (last lecture) Fri, April 82011 Censorship Virtual Communities Ex: of virtual communities: Animal rights, tamil communities Dootsdar the importance of virtual communities is that they now contribute to the importance of identity politics around the 1960s, people were no longer voting based on their class position middle class people were not voting anymore for middle class parties You are voting for the party that identifies with your identity based community ex: people who wants to protect the environment in Toronto. So you will vote for the party that supports protecting the environment in Toronto Critique of virtual communities by Berger (2007): virtual communities are functional equivalents to real communities, but they do not match their degree of involvement and therefore cannot satisfy the need for sociability whatever relationships you establish online will never be as fulfilling as relationships face- to-face because it wont be as emotionally involved Note: indirect and low involvement may be an attraction of virtual communities, as it decreases cost of involvement For some users, that detachment (emotionally) may be whats appealing for virtual communities Example: cybersex Williams et al. (2000): virtual relationships (eg: cyberostracism) can induce strong emotions, even when the content of communication is trivial. This may reflect weakening differentiation between reality and virtuality so he disagrees with what Berger is saying. You can have strong emotions in virtual communities even when the content of the virtual community is trivial (ex: something that may seem minor like hockey) you can still sense emotion stemming from the arguments, so people do invest emotionally in (some) virtual communities So some kinds of virtual communities may support Berger (no strong emotional involvement), but other communities can emit strong emotions Blogging and the mainstream journalism During the last five years, increasing number of journalists have been writing blogs the most current entry is on top of the page where it is easiest to see. This is a significant characteristic because it ties with the way blogs generate interest blogs arent subject to editorial control and not subject to things like fact checking so thats
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